What is the role of TV smart motherboard?

The TV intelligent motherboard is the main component of the TV. It generally integrates the central processing unit (CPU), memory, display core, memory and other types of chips, capacitors, circuits, etc.; according to the different components on the motherboard, the role of the motherboard Not the same; mainly including:

1, the main board is the core of the TV operation, to help the TV to achieve a variety of functions: such as signal processing, image processing, sound processing, etc.;

2. The main board of the smart TV is the soul of the intelligent system, which helps the TV system to realize the reception and calculation of various commands, and then assigns it to each component to work, which is equivalent to the central brain of the TV;

3, different models of TV, the role of the main board is not the same, because the motherboard structure and circuit, component composition are not the same, so the functions that can be achieved are not the same.