LCD driver board several common faults

LCD drive board several common faults:

1: Initialize the LCD monitor's power-on setting screen after booting.

2: Detect the input video signal, if there is no signal detected, it will prompt “no signal input”, or if the resolution is abnormal, it will prompt “out of frequency range”.

3: In response to the button command, the value of the register is modified according to the command of our button, and then the modified value is stored in the eeprom. For example, we adjust the appropriate brightness, and then we do not need to adjust it every time.

(For example, if the button fails, press + - menu auto and other unresolved faults, the program is generally ok, there are many screen colors that are not normal because the eprom data is destroyed, we just need to restore the factory settings, mcu Will reset the settings to eeprom, the fault will be solved).

4: Respond to the power button, if it is now on, then it will be turned off after pressing the power button. Now it is off, then press the power button to turn it on.